Veona Serum – What is Veona Serum?

Veona Serum – The skin premature aging starts to be visible at the age of 30. Dermatologists are aware that especially women are concerned about keeping their face young and try to find the right formula to respond to their need.

Veona has conceived a face and cleavage serum, that fights the first aging signs.

What is Veona Serum?

The first impressions are always important and are based on visual (face, hands…) and feelings (good vibes…). We all know that a beautiful and young face will be easier to retain, so nowadays it is essential to take care of our skin health, appearance and texture. Age is a state of mind, it`s not mandatory to read someone`s age just by watching his face.

Veona Serum is a part of Veona Anti-Wrinkle Complex. It`s an advanced skin carrying solution and a perfect treatment to restore your damaged skin. It is a serum that works at night to keep facial charm live whole day. Your skin is naturally cared for by increasing the collagen production.

Why Veona Serum?

In our days, we try to compensate for the pollution and the environmental factors by giving to our organisms the right nutrients that will allow it to function properly and to keep its youth. But it`s not easy to keep a good balance of nutrients and every effect it`s visible at the level of our skin. Veona Serum was specially conceived to take care of the skin in a natural way. It`s a special serum that acts as a moisturizer, emollient and anti-aging formula.

Veona Serum works in the night by stimulating the basic skin peptides. It`s a skincare remedy that repairs by night the day harms (pollution, free radicals…) and to prepare your face for the next day. You can forget about dark spots or circles, wrinkles, fine lines, roughness, infections.

Veona serum is based on a proper clinical research and it`s based on special and powerful ingredients that repair and heals the causes that affect the appearance, texture, and health of our skin. This serum contains the necessary minerals and vitamins that increase the levels of collagen, elastin. It will compensate for the lack of nutrients that the environmental conditions may present.

Active ingredients

Veona Serum is based on natural ingredients that take care of your skin in the best way possible:

  • Cucumber Extract
  • Vitamin C and B3
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Minerals
  • Collagen peptides
  • Grape Seed

The serum composition is tested by skin care experts.

How to use Veona Serum

The first step is washing your face, to clean it from the dust and dirt of the day. Then, you must apply a few drops of the Veona Serum on your palm and then start massaging with circular movements your face (cheeks, eyes region…). Repeat this procedure twice a day (and especially at night) for 60 days to obtain long-lasting results.

Personal experience with Veona

I am working a lot of hours every day and under stress conditions. Sometimes I can`t get enough sleep and I feel tired. This rhythm of living started to be visible on my skin that started to lose its brightness. I was having dark circles around my eyes and fine lines, even if I`m just 29. I was just thinking, not event aged 30 and looking … old? So I was starting thinking about skin care solutions when my best friend suggested the natural Veona Serum. She was looking amazing, so I said: “why not”. After using the serum for a month, I started seeing the results:

  • Balanced skin tone
  • Nourished and lighter skin
  • Repaired skin cells
  • No more fine lines

So… nothing to lose!

Side effects of using Veona

There are no side effects of this serum because it`s based on natural and botanical ingredients. You will have to consult your doctor under special conditions (medication, pregnant…) that are advised in the use of any kind of beauty or medicinal products. Contact Us!

What are the prices in my country?

Philippines – 39.95 USD = 1875 Philippine Peso
Malaysia – 39.95 USD = 150 Malaysian Ringgit
Singapore – 39.95 USD = 50 Singapore Dollar
Indonesia – 39.95 USD = Rp495 ribu Indonesian Rupiah
Taiwan – 39.95 USD = 1200 Taiwan New Dollar
Hong Kong – 39.95 USD = 300 Hong Kong Dollar
Japan – 39.95 USD = 4250 Japanese Yen
United Kingdom – 39.95 USD = 30 British Pound
Australia – 39.95 USD = 50 Australian Dollar
New Zealand – 39.95 USD = 50 New Zealand Dollar
India– 39.95 USD = 2375 Indian Rupee

Just start using Veona Serum today, no side effects, but only guaranteed results!