Nowadays, the food industry struggles to respond to the increasing feeding needs of the entire population. The producers address to poor people, but also to the medium and rich ones. There are many alternatives, from processed food to healthy and nutritional alternatives.

Even if we have many choices, we are confronting ourselves to the lack of time. So, we concentrate on things that are relatively important (work, stress…) and we forget the essential (eating healthy, keep in shape).

Do you imagine what a bad food choice means, combined with sedentarism? It`s not easy to admit, but mostly this defines a bad style of life. We have alternatives, but it`s a matter of priorities and of educating our tastes. It means forgetting about colorants, junk food, additives, meat with hormones, etc. and choosing more nutritional options (vegetables, fruits…).

The temptation is everywhere and our the lack of time limits our horizons. But in any case, we mustn’t forget the essential. It`s very important to prevent weight gain and maintain our health instead of living the moment and assuming the consequences. Healthy food, combined with exercising means boosting our bodies with energy and stopping the aging process.

So, eating must be a pleasure, must not be done on the rush. We must eat to give fuel to our body, not to expose our organism to illness. This way, we will also control our weight. Don`t forget that, at a global scale, the obesity rate is increasing. The biological clock can be fooled if we take care of the nutritional needs of our mind and body.

Good food choices, combined with exercising means holding the key to the fountain of youth and health. So, choose wisely. Lose the unnecessary kilos. Have balanced meals. Just do a sport that helps you forget about stress and sedentarism.

How does exercising influence our weight

There is no magical sport that can make you lose weight and maintain your body in shape afterward without being disciplined. Each organism is different and everyone must choose a type of sport that he likes. Exercising must be a pleasure, in order to do it on long-term you must choose a sport that attracts you. This way you will obtain the maximum results and you will do it in years, not just for losing weight, but also as a routine.

Being in shape is a combination of exercising – balanced meals – hydration – nutrients – lifestyle. We can help the process with ingredients or supplements that stimulate the fat burn: proteins (boost our metabolism), fat burners (thermogenic formulas), stimulants-free (CLA, 7-Keto, green bean extract, chromium, ashwagandha), curb appetite (that increases the satiety sensation), carbs and inhibitors (white kidney beans, chitosan, Cissus quadrangularis).

To maximize the results, we must combine our diet, with proper sleep and an adapted sport routine. The choices we make must be responsible and equilibrated. So, in some cases (for example health condition), we must consult a medicine or a nutritionist or a sports trainer. And, in most cases, we must combine all this with healthy supplements (under supervision, if necessary – example: pregnancy, weak health…).

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