Types of Psychology – Know in detail which are the most important

Types of Psychology – Know in detail which are the most important

The science that studies individual human behavior and behavior is called PSYCHOLOGY. Its main objet of study isn`t precisely human behavior, but the mind of it and unravel its greatest mysteries. There are multiple currents and types of psychology and each has its own specific interest, although basically all seek exactly the same. It`s all about to be able to explain each of the actions of the human being and thus understand why he thinks and acts in the way he does. For example, one of the most common psychology currents that are usually studied once you get involved in this science:

Types of Psychology:
Professional Psychology

The professional psychology is called applied psychology. It consists in the constant application of traditional psychology but in fields of study and experimentation that in the long term allows the formulation of new theories and objectives of psychology. The professional is perhaps one of the types of psychology responsible for the broad branches because is based on a constant research. It has opened new paths of psychological studies that have led to new branches of psychology and have swelled this particular science.

Clinical psychology

The clinical psychology is the most popular in society given its constant appearances in television series. Its intriguing and has a dangerous touch and at the same time highlighted by fiction. The science of clinical psychology is one that is responsible for studying and providing answers to the clinical disorders of people. This is the psychology of “psychiatrists” applied in the clinical field.

Educational psychology

The branch of psychology dedicated to the study of success cases, motivation to achievement and human potentialities. Educational psychology seeks to respond to what are the best mechanisms to help a person achieve educational and personal success. So, it helps people in pursuing a full development of their intellect and psychological health.

Occupational psychology

Occupational psychology is requested by organizations. Also, it is responsible for the study of psychology in the organizational environment and how various factors influence positively or negatively in those who live within the organization. It also proposes mechanisms for solving the conflicts diagnosed within it.

This psychology has given rise to great discoveries in organizational matters and has contributed enormously to the organizational models that currently prevail and that are many more effective than its predecessors. It is one of the most popular types of psychology today.

These are a part of the currents that exist in modern psychology, however they are not all that exist. Special mention may be made of other types of psychology, such as child psychology, for example, whose object of study is limited only to the understanding of the psychological behavior of children up to a certain age.

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