Skin care no matter the age!

Being beautiful means having young skin. When time passes, we realize that we can keep our state of mind and that, with a good nutrition, our organs can remain healthy. But our age can be visible just by looking at our skin. This body coverage ages and if we don`t pay attention to slow down the clock, one day we can look in the mirror and see the effects.

Skin care means making the best choices for our appearance. It means paying attention to the inside-out process of nourishing our skin.

About our skin

The largest organ of our body is our skin and its color is given by the melanin pigment. The more melanin body produces, the darker the skin is. The entire structure (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis) of our skin describe its needs in terms of care and nourishment.

If we understand the importance of the three main layers of the skin, we will make better choices in terms of skincare routine. The epidermis protects our body from pathogens, from UV light, chemical compounds and provides mechanical resistance to minor injury.

On the surface of the epidermis, we can find the sweat pores and the hair. The rooms are situated in the dermis, that cushions the body from stress and strain. The hypodermis connects the skin to the underlying fascia (fibrous tissue) of the bones and muscles.

Our skin protects our body against pathogens and excessive water loss. Its other functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, synthesis of vitamin D, protection of vitamin B totals.

Our body thermostat is our skin. When we feel hot, sweat glands activate to cool the body down. When the temperature is lower, the blood vessels in the skin tighten and limit the amount of hot blood that can reach the skin, preventing heat loss.

When we are born, skin adapts to the new environmental conditions and changes its color and texture. The skin ’s most fast-growing organ. This means that the regeneration level is good, when we are babies, but also in general. What we don`t have to forget is that with each decade it gets older, so our daily routine must preserve it. Our skin needs to breathe, to be taken care carefully with natural products. We have to avoid harmful ingredients, a high level of pollution, stress, the sun exposure.

Skin care routine – When skin ages

When we want to avoid skin aging, we have to be ahead of the game. The purpose is staying young.

The 20s:

In our 20s, we think we have gotten through the worst when it comes to skin problems (pesky blackheads, breakouts). But we mustn’t forget that our skin will tend to be dry and lose its oils functions. Having a dry skin means being exposed to wrinkles (eyes, mouth…).

This happens because the body`s natural antioxidant production starts to decline. The wrinkles are imminent if we add the level of stress, the pollution, and other factors.

To put wrinkles at bay, our skincare routine must begin now. Using products with antioxidants, vitamin C / E, green tea extract, fruit acids can help you keep the skin aging process under control.

The 30s:

Reaching our 30s, it’s crucial. The metabolism, the levels of collagen and elastin of our skin tissue slow down. So our skin is even thinner, dryer, more sensitive. The skin under the eyes becomes more delicate. The morning puffiness around the eyes takes longer to go down.

We tend to have wrinkles mostly around the mouth and the eyes. If we don`t nourish properly our skin, the broken capillaries on the cheeks or the dark spots from sun exposure will be more visible.

Luckily, in our 30s we can fight the signs of skin aging. The dermatologists support our mission and create creams that come in our support. The face creams are based on niacinamide (or vitamin B3), that boosts the metabolism for a younger-looking skin.

The 40s:

At every decade, our skin’s elasticity starts to decrease. It’s valid also when reaching your 40s. The lifecycle of the skin cells and the production of elastin slows down a lot. The wrinkles become more and more noticeable and will continue to increase. In this period, having a dry skin and not keeping it hydrated, can add years to our looks.

You are advised to have a skincare routine starting with your 20s. But in your 30s and 40s, you definitely have to include anti-aging skin-care ingredients. So, your creams, lotions, and cleansers must contain retinol, glycol acid, peptides to boost the skin cells energy. Also, the alimentation must be very nutritious. Health means food choices, moderation in all (skin exposure, stress, sleep…), an adapted skin care daily routine.

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