Scented and natural oils for the body

Natural body oils are one of the unknown pleasures of daily body care. These are recommended for use by the whole family, from newborns to grandmothers. In this article, I speak only of vegetable oils that can be used pure or combined with the essentials of plants.

The use of natural oils is done after the shower when the skin is still moist. You must spread the oils well on the body and allow them to dry while you are wrapped in a towel or bathrobe.

If you opt for any of the oils that give aroma, the pleasure and beneficial effect are multiplied. Oils can be used in: massage, shower, etc. The role of these oils is to improve the hydration of the skin.

The essential and scented oils are:

  •  calendula is recommended for use in the bath of children, babies and people with allergy problems, because it has the role of soothing, nourishing, softening and eliminating skin irritations.
  •  arnica. This oil is used by athletes when I have to exercise intensely. Besides this benefit, it is also used in the case of bruises, strokes and phlebitis repairs.
  • rodie. Its scent is a very special one and is combined with antioxidant and anti-aging effects.
  • birch, is used mainly in anti-cellulite massages because it has anti-inflammatory, tonic and diuretic properties.
  • lavender is another classic bath, it is relaxing and relieves stress. It is suitable for babies, nervous children, and adults with anxiety problems.
  • evening primrose is very good for women who are menopausal and is also used for devitalized, dry or acne skin due to its bactericidal action.

All of these exceptional products are rarely used simply in their cosmetic uses. In most cases, they are used in combination with other base oils, as they will have a much better effect. These are: avocado, sunflower, wheat germs, almonds etc.

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