Learn how to remove the hardness of the feet

Hardness of the legs. This problem appears on the soles of the feet in the form of hard bags. Their appearance causes pain and impedes the movement of people. Besides these 2 problems, they are still at the same time unsightly.

When they are extended, they appear on the heel or on the sides of the feet. Their appearance is due to improper footwear, due to poor circulation and, above all, by extreme dryness of the skin of the area.

The calls or the hardness of the feet appear mainly because of the heels. The areas that receive the most pressure due to footwear will suffer. These are the base of the feet or the side of the thumb.

If your feet are continually moisturized, this problem would never occur. What you need to know is that this problem of the feet is very easy to solve, even at home, if you do not want or the budget does not reach you to go to a professional.

Why do they appear? The causes of this problem are:

  • inappropriate footwear. If you want to avoid this problem, you must use the necessary footwear, because it is very important for our feet. Shoes that are too large or too tight should be avoided.
  • improper walking. If footwear or foot hardness appears too often, I recommend going to a specialist, as you may have an “ironing” problem that can be solved with templates.
  • flat or bare feet. If you are near the appearance of hardness, you notice pain in the legs, you may suffer from flat feet or we have too many decks. Going to a specialist will solve this problem.

How to remove the hardness of the feet at home?

What you need to know is that those hardnesses are caused by dead cells. They appear, especially on the heel and in front of the soles of the feet.

To get rid of the hardness of your feet, you need:

  • a large pot with very hot water and a handful of salt must be added to it
  • a special blade that you can buy from anywhere
  • you also need an exfoliating cream that you can make from oat bran mixed with milk
  • if the hardness is very embedded you will need a metal nail file
  • a moisturizing cream (aloe vera with essential oil of cranberry)

This whole process will take about an hour or more of your time.

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