Benefits, uses and properties of vanilla for your health

     Some myths say that vanilla was formed from a divine metamorphosis from the bloodshed by two loving princes whose union was impossible. Only these data can bring us closer to the social, cultural, and economic importance that vanilla or Vanilla planifolia had for these pre-Columbian people. , who brought it from Veracruz to flavor the chocolate offered to the social elite.

Vanilla began to be appreciated in the West in the seventeenth century, with the development of French tailored syllabary. Due to its difficulty in cultivation, it has become a luxury product. This impediment was solved in the nineteenth century, when the process of pollination and drying, handling was discovered.

Vanilla is an epiphytic vine orchid native to Mexico and is currently grown in tropical America. This fruit is eaten as a blackish pod that keeps the seeds and comes from a flower that barely lasts a few days.

This spice is very popular for use in the kitchen and also in the closet with traditional medicines. Vanilla has a soft smell, which is very good for the preparation of aromatherapy and perfume preparations.

This spice is most commonly found in offal, as ice cream, smoothie, cream, cake, and pudding, because its aroma is soft introduces us to an exotic world, enhancing the flavor of other foods. Goes well mixed with chocolate, strawberries, recipes with milk, and tropical fruits.

     The benefits and properties of vanilla are as follows:

  • Relaxing, calming, and sedative. Its smell has the role of combating moderate anxiety and making people feel much calmer, so it is used to flavor perfumes and atmospheres.
  • The ancient Aztecs attributed aphrodisiac properties to it and used it to increase libido and combat mild impotence. By acting in synergy with chocolate (which helps increase endorphins), its properties are improved. It can be consumed as an infusion or mixed with other foods.
  • Its composition contains eugenol and coumarin. They have an analgesic effect similar to salicylic acid. In short, it is very good for stomach, headache, rheumatism or muscle aches.
  • In addition to these positive effects, it is also good for lowering fever.
  • It is antibacterial and works well to fight oral and tooth infections.
  • Vanilla is also very rich in antioxidants.
  • Another property of vanilla is that it stimulates digestive functions.
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