Problems that can affect the feet and advice for your care

     The problems that can affect the legs are:

  • swelling. If the job requires you to sit down or stand, it is likely that at the end of the work session you will find that your feet have swollen. This swelling is due to the accumulation of fluids. To prevent swelling of your feet, I recommend taking a short walk to stimulate their movement or rotate your ankles about five times from time to time. This rotation of the ankles gives good results.

If you get home with swollen feet, stretch for a moment and lift your feet above your head and you will notice how swelling decreases. It is very important to drink water because it has the role of decreasing salt intake in the body.

The crossing of the legs should be avoided because it impedes blood circulation.

  • circulation. The lower extremities are most likely to suffer from circulatory disorders, especially in women, as they accentuate the problems of venous insufficiency, and the legs do not support weight changes. The appearance of these veins is mainly located in the internal part of the knees, thighs and the outer part of the ankle.

     Useful Tips for Foot Care:

  •  food and weight control for toning the legs. It is quite difficult to get strong and toned feet, especially when you are overweight. When a man is overweight, his legs suffer the most. These kilos you have can bring pain to the knees, pain behind your feet and ankles, etc. When deciding to tone your feet, you need to consider that you need proper weight by eliminating all unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages, fats, fried foods, and industrial confectionery. In addition to this diet, you will also need to do exercises to strengthen the legs and maintain the correct weight.

Your diet should include Vitamin C (kiwi, mango, vegetables, etc), Vitamin E (avocado, sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil and olive oil), fish (salmon, boiled or grilled), whole grains, zinc from seaweed, etc.

  • plants and herbs for cellulite and circulation. You can include in your diet some natural plants that you can consume as tea at any time of the day. The recommended plants for toning the feet are all teas (except the black one), diuretic plants (horsetail, dandelion or nettle).
  • cosmetics and massages come as a complement to foot strengthening exercises. A daily massage during the shower helps to tone your feet. Go to a specialist or seek specific treatments to fight cellulite. Those treatments can be those made with algae, caffeine, guarana, lemon, birch or tea.
  • suitable clothing and footwear. In order to benefit from toning your feet, it is ideal to change shoes throughout the day, according to the requirements of the day. It is advisable to go barefoot better than with shoes.

Avoid wearing underwear, pants, socks that restrict blood circulation. These can bring problems to your skin.

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