Potatoes properties for your health

The potato was introduced in Europe since the sixteenth century, they came from the family of night shadows. Their origin is from the Andean mountain range.

Even though their introduction to Europe was very slow in the beginning, potato is now a staple food for all people. Poor harvesting of potatoes or plague first triggered real hunger, as it was the staple food of the poorest classes. If you eat them raw, they are toxic, so they should be consumed boiled or fried. Nowadays there are many varieties of potatoes in Europe.

The properties of potatoes are as follows:

  • A very important property of these vegetables is that they provide a lot of energy to the body. They are especially suited to athletes or individuals who work physically.
  • People suffering from gastric problems should consume boiled or mashed potatoes because in that condition they are indeed very digestive food. Gastric problems are heartburn, liver or intestinal problems, etc.
  • Potatoes have an alkalizing effect on the body, thus promoting the elimination of toxins (ideally in cases of uric acid) and remineralization of our body. It also helps in cases of spasms, nervous coughs, cramps, etc.
  • If the potatoes are cooked and salt-free, then they are very high in potassium. They are perfect for people suffering from obesity caused by fluid retention. They should take care of the kidney patients whose doctor has restricted their consumption of potassium-rich foods or drinks.
  • If you ever have problems with diarrhea, I recommend consuming potatoes, as it helps regenerate the gut flora.
  • Externally, the properties of potatoes are also many, because we can prepare them well ground as a poultice that can alleviate minor burns or those caused by the sun.
  • The bags under the eyes diminish with the consumption of potatoes
  • Besides all these properties, I also represent a good source of vitamin C.
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