Natural Intestinal Cleansing

Health is what we consume, we must pay attention to nutrition, because this is very important in our health. The large intestine is very long, and if residues of fecal matter accumulate, we will affect the health.

Tips for a Natural Intestinal Cleansing

These can stay days, weeks, months or years, if we do not pay attention to intestinal maintenance. This maintenance must be done at least once a year.

Although you do not suffer from constipation it is necessary to perform a bowel cleansing a year.

When we do not eat the proper diet and do not pay attention to what we eat, our stomach does not eliminate everything. For example: place a bag that starts to throw what you usually eat, in the winter a hamburger, some fries, a cake and other cravings, close the bag and leave it for two days in the sun, then open it and see what the smell is, we will have. Exactly the same problem is also in our stomach, because inside there is a high temperature, in which the meat decomposes easily.

Try to eat 3 times a day to avoid filling your gut with too much fecal material. It is not recommended to eat too much and too often, as peristatic movement will be slow due to loading, and the residues remain trapped in the small intestine because it is the one that absorbs nutrients from food.

If the intestinal villi become saturated, they will no longer be able to absorb nutrients and yet continue to absorb the toxins that are sent into the bloodstream and to the various organs. That is why the body will develop different diseases. If we have an unbalanced diet, we will develop more diseases in the future.

The body is designed not to get sick, and to last 100 years or more and in a healthy way.

Lately, many people die of cancer. One of the most common causes of cancer in young people is colon cancer. In addition to this severe disease, people also die from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. To have a healthy life we ​​need to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, because they are high in fiber. We should avoid fatty foods and sausages.

For a healthy life you should consume: nuts, beans, lentils, cereals and grains, vegetables with green leaves, such as spinach, salad, celery, milk, eggs, meat, carbohydrates, cereals.

In conclusion, I can recommend you to eat diversified, one chicken day, another fish day, another meat day. You should avoid eating foods that raise cholesterol or triglycerides. These tips will help you improve your health and get rid of constipation. Don’t forget to drink water.

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