Keratin shampoos, benefits and uses

Keratin is a protein and is found in hair cells. She is responsible for keeping people’s hair, making it stronger and healthier. It is also responsible for the internal and external structure of our hair and its resistance. If you lack keratin, your hair is weakened, meaning it loses strength, flexibility, and shine and becomes dry and brittle. When your hair is in poor condition, keratin shampoos will be very helpful in helping you regain strength, health.

Keratin shampoos are used when hair begins to look bad, dry without shine or brittle. Their role is to repair the damage and make our hair healthy again. A shampoo that contains keratin in its composition will help us maintain or even grow in the hair this protein so necessary for the health of our hair.

The benefits of these keratin shampoos are the following:

  • your hair will be stronger and more elastic after use
  • damaged repair, if you used too aggressive products
  • keeps hair softer and brighter
  • protects the hair from climate aggression and pollution
  • and last but not least, it helps us make our hair easier to handle and gives it elasticity. This is ideal if we have curly hair.

If your hair is normal we can use any shampoo that contains this substance, but if your hair is very dry, I recommend using keratin shampoos supplemented with a moisturizing conditioner, as this will make your hair significantly better.

If we have oily hair, we must make sure that the shampoo does not contain products that can aggravate the problem.

In conclusion, I recommend that you consult a trusted specialist before using these products, as this can tell you which of all the keratin shampoos available on the market is most suitable for your hair type.

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