Hair softener balm

Hair conditioner is a non-creamy product, which is meant to help people recover the softness and shine of damaged hair.

     Benefits of using balm balm

Everyone seems to suffer from aggression every day, so you must pay special attention to his care and use natural and non-aggressive products for his care. If you use softening conditioners you will have the following benefits:

  • these have the role of protecting the hair from the following damages: air, sun, improper products, etc.
  • you must make sure that your hair will be moisturized all the time
  • balms also have the role of strengthening the hair by preventing it from breaking or separating from the ends.

The use of these soothing balms is done when your hair is frizzy, with split ends, when it is no longer shiny or if you are painting.

     The preparation of a hair conditioner is done as follows:

  • The necessary ingredients are shea butter, then add the rose oil or sweet almond oil and last but not least the essential calendula oil.
  • The preparation is done in this way. Heat a quantity of Shea Butter in the water bath (depending on the length of the hair), after the butter has melted and you have obtained a liquid consistency, add 5 drops of pure cranberry oil or if you do not have this oil add the oil sweet almond vegetable. After mixing, add five drops of calendula essential oil, then mix well and leave in a glass bowl or jar until the softening conditioner cools and returns the shea butter consistency.
  • The use of this conditioner is done by spreading the previous root mixture to the ends, without touching the scalp. Then allow it to act somewhere for 15-20 minutes, and in the last phase clean the hair with a neutral shampoo. This conditioner is used once a week.
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