Exercises with vibrating platforms, some tips

Vibrant platform. They are only available in certain types of gyms and there are also offers of internal models. They have the role of strengthening the muscles of the whole body, due to vibrations, to make contraction movements. They are highly sought after and with a fairly high success rate, as it does not require a lot of effort, but they cannot be compared to a Yoga session. In comparison with the treadmill, bike, weights etc, it does not burn so much fat.

Strengthen your feet with vibrating platform exercises. They have a high success rate if they come in combination with other devices in the gym.

     Some exercises for the lower body are:

  • keep your foot on the vibrating base, holding the sidebars. They are very good for the gut and waist.
  • Another exercise is to sit on the platform with the legs bent, securely fastened by the bars above, strengthening the abdomen and shoulders.
  • The easiest exercise is to sit upright and bend your knees slightly. It has the role of strengthening your buttocks and hips.

Easy exercises for the shoulder. These types are used for people who care more about their waist, buttocks, and legs, but can also be used to strengthen the upper body. It is true that in order to strengthen the upper body it is necessary to maintain a certain balance, because you may encounter difficulties.

If you want to do exercises for the shoulders and arms you can combine exercises on the vibrating platforms with the help of a fitness ball. This exercise is quite complicated because you need to place your feet on the ball and rest your arms outstretched over the machine as you lift your hips. This exercise has the role of toning the buttocks, waist, and abdomen.

People with more sports experience may try to stand on their side, stretch their legs out of the car, support one arm at the base by bending their elbows, and extend the other hand up. If you want to increase the effort, you can use a lightweight.

Reduce your waist with passive gymnastics. The exercises with vibrating platforms are known due to the flat abdomen. In order to benefit from a beautiful abdomen you must:

  • warm-up before starting the exercises. This heating is done with the legs slightly open and both hands held on the bar.
  • then release one hand and extend your arm upwards.
  • after you have managed to release the first hand, release the other hand with the same movement. This release is meant to further exercise the muscles.
  • gradually flex your feet without touching the knee with the floor.

In conclusion, it is necessary to know how to combine the routine, doing exercises with vibrating platforms, with other gym equipment. This type of movement is considered passive gymnastics, and for this reason it is less effective than any other exercise that requires effort.

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