Dominate the TIME!

Dominate the clock! Learn to manage time

Learning how to manage time will get you to get everything you plan. We have come to the conclusion that not always 24 hours a day are enough, because we are not as efficient as we would like. As much as we want, we can not always finish everything we need, because of this we need an agenda to help us achieve everything.

Tips for managing time and getting out of any task

  • Eliminate interruptions and multitasking. When the human brain focuses on a single task, it gives maximum returns. It is not advisable to think about many things at once, because we cannot offer maximum output. For example, we can’t talk on the phone or respond to emails at the same time because we can make mistakes.
  • Define schedules according to tasks. If you have a job where you have to answer the e-mail, it is best to respond to them in the first minutes to avoid mistakes and better manage the situation. The same is true for calls and other “simple” tasks.
  • Organization. The human brain works best when it is in nature or in a clean and orderly environment. For example: if we go to a job that is well organized and clean, we will bring more benefit to the company than we would to a company that has a messy environment. When leaving home we must have an order in what is a priority nowadays: study, family, an aspect of work, etc. And from there, go to “filling” our agenda with the rest. Instead, if we have something to do and it takes very little time, do it then, because it’s like stepping into debt and having the will. The results on your well-being will be more than obvious.

 Alternative methodologies.

It is very well known that we need to know when we need to focus on one activity for a period of time and when to rest for another period. This method is based on the fact that concentration can be much more efficient if we take into account all of the above. Of course, during the break, it is best to move and think about something or task to disconnect from at the previous address.

In this way, the routine will be as follows:

  • 30 minutes of work
  • between 4-6 hours ′ rest until work time is completed. Then we rest a quarter of an hour.
  • again, 30 minutes of work and the beginning of the cycle.
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