The causes of stretch marks

In this article, I will tell you the most common causes that can influence the appearance of stretch marks, tips to prevent their appearance and some natural remedies to prevent them.

     The causes of stretch marks, their prevention, and treatment:

  • very fast increase in kg or rapid decrease in kg. This cause causes your skin to stretch a lot
  • another very important cause is a hormonal modification. These can be puberty and menopause
  • many people do not know that rapid muscle growth can be a very important cause apart from stretch marks
  • when women become pregnant, the skin becomes very stretchy and after birth, it is very difficult to recover the initial elasticity
  • excessive use of certain medicines can cause stretch marks
  • another cause is that of dry skin without elasticity
  • people suffering from diabetes are more prone to stretch marks

A piece of very good advice in combating stretch marks is to prevent them from appearing because once they appear, it is very complicated, not impossible, to make them disappear.

     Tips for preventing them are:

  • try to avoid losing weight or rapid weight gain, because sudden changes favor stretch marks
  • do fitness exercises constantly
  • your diet must be healthy and balanced. In addition to a proper diet, you must consume a lot of water as this is very important
  • skincare during pregnancy is very important

     Some treatments for limiting stretch marks are:

  • the most recommended natural creams: avocado, almonds, etc.
  • creams containing Retino-A, as it has been shown to significantly reduce stretch marks. They are not recommended to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • laser therapy. This intervention is done only on the recommendation of the specialist doctor because there are many other types of treatment before calling for this intervention.
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